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Day In Day Out Technologies is an information technology firm founded in 2013. We are well-recognized as top Digital marketing company in India.




Search Engine Optimization:

Google algorithms focus on offering best results to users. SEO is the best way to create a good impression in search visibilities. SEO offers you the ways by which you can gain a long-term visibility in search results. Not all types of SEO, provides you the same results. It is dependent on what type of links you generate for your website. If done in wrong way, it will make you penalized by Google i.e. your site may be counted as spam or it may be blocked.

We provide four SEO packages with different SEO strategies.We work according to your selected plan and provide you the results you want for your website. We keep you updated with your site performance.

You will get an introduction to following features by working with us:

  • Direct Communication
  • Proven SEO strategies
  • Regular work report
  • Affordable cost
  • Mutual and professional understanding

Social Media Optimization:

Social Media Optimization increases awareness of a website and generate more traffic. It focuses on sharing links of a website across social media platforms. The goal is to create interesting content or photos or videos to make more engagement of users with a specific website.

We lead SMO projects to create more user traffic on a website. Our SMO strategies target audience and help you converting your users into clients. We provide three SMO packages with different work strategies.
We will introduce search media optimization in such a way that it will help in:

  • Increasing backlinks to your site
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer conversion through users
  • Direct reach to users
  • Audience’s online engagement and attention

Content Marketing:

Content marketing carries a main goal to create, publish and distribute unique and informative content to targeted audience.
Content marketing is also crucial in the same way as SEO and SMO are important. Google algorithms provide more importance to the unique content. Hence, it becomes crucial to write unique and valuable content on website or blog or any other medium.
We help you by following ways:

  • Gathering more targeted audience
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Engaging an online community of users
  • Increasing online sales
  • Increasing reliability to content

We offer following content marketing services to our clients.

  • Web content writing
  • Article writing
  • Press release writing
  • Business writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • Blog content writing
  • Article rewriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Website copywriting
  • Product review writing

We have designed four Content Marketing packages with different prices and plans. We work accordingly our customer choice.

Online Reputation Management:

Online reputation management is the way by which you can win you users’ trust. It helps in building a reputation of your group, company over the internet. ORM focuses on the management of product or services website results.
We provide a clean platform for you by removing all the negativities around your brand.
We help you by following ways:

  • Improving online visibility
  • Maintaining online reputation
  • Enhancing your positive fields
  • Protecting from possible abuses
  • Winning users trust

We have designed three ORM packages for our users comfort. Select any one package and we will take actions accordingly.

Web Design and Development

The design process to develop front-end(client side) of a website is normally termed as Web Design. The different areas of web design include web graphic design, user-interface design, interface design, search engine optimization.
We design and develop most flexible and attractive websites. Whether it’s a static or dynamic website, a blog or e-commerce website, we truly care for its design and client-side performance.
We will help you by designing a site which is:

  • Flexible and robust
  • Responsive to all screens
  • Powerful user-interface
  • Attractive look and features

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process of developing applications for mobile devices. The growth in mobile device users clearly indicates the future rapid growth of mobile app development.

Day In Day Out Technologies helps you in converting your idea in mobile application. We are tend to develop such mobile apps which carry best user-interface and user-experience, which are secure and easy to use as well.

We develop mobile apps for Android, iOS and cross-platform. Our team of experts is all time ready for mobile app development and their expertise and passion build Day In Day Out as best mobile app development company.

Web App Development

Web app development is a technique to develop applications that are inhabited on remote servers and are directly delivered to user’s device over internet. Along with mobile applications, we are highly skilled in web app development too. We develop applications with low load time and best user experience. We follow all new technologies to built robust and flexible applications.

Our team work, hard work and your continuous support is enough to build us a top web app development company.

QA and Testing

Day In Day Out Technologies offers Quality analyst and Testing services. Test planning, test case design, manual testing, automation testing, regression testing are our some techniques to test your product. We are highly committed to provide bug free and properly working products. Our planning and strategy helps you in developing a product which is secure, robust and easy to use.

Maintenance & Support

We provide proper maintenance and support services to our clients. We are 24/7 time available to insist our clients.

If we have developed a project, then we don’t take any chance that our clients feel fishy. We parameterize your project on each phase to ensure the product is of good quality. Although, if anything remains that the customer is facing problem, we are available.
Our experts are happy to serve you with their expertise.



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